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Website Solutions Questionnaire

Website Solutions Questionnaire
(123 Main Street, Any Town, State, Zip - Next to Farmer Ted’s Vegetable Market)
(Name, Position, Email, Phone Number)
(Name, Position, Email, Phone Number)
(Name and Email)
(If no, we can help you acquire a domain name)
(ex. www.yourcompany.com)
(Provide website link) If you do not use this software yet but would like to, please list the websites.
Example: Google Analytics UA code UA-XXXXXXx
(ex. Birthday, Your City, Bowling, Parties, laser tag, mini golf)
(please list their URL(s) ie www.mycompetitor.com)
Email: xxx@xxxxx.com Name(s) of people who can access this email.
(Check all that apply)
Example: Birthday Form, Groups Form, Party Form...
(images, copy, video etc.)
The platform we will use to store all site content page by page
Any additional design, functionality, or change requests after they have been approved. Once requested, we will review and provide and estimate and time frame. Once approved, we will send to the developer.
We offer two months of standard maintenance and basic content updates. After two months, a request for maintenance will be billed at an hourly rate. We do offer an extended and ongoing maintenance program. All DEVELOPMENT issues will be billed at an hourly.
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