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Since 1997, Fun Advisors (via Brand Champion) has been working with business owners to help re-invent their businesses. With a full range of communication and imaging services, here is a sample of some of the clients we have pefrormed services for within the Family Entertainment industry:

Lucky Jack’s

Brunswick “Center of Excellence” 2011

Traverse City, Mich.—Owned by a local family for three generations, Timber Lanes had offered bowling and family entertainment to the Northern Michigan community for over half a century. But in the face of competition from newly opened family entertainment centers in the area, Timber Lanes was struggling to continue their success and attract new customers.

The challenge: Owners Dave, Mike and Chris knew that it was time to make a change, but needed guidance to take steps to attract new customers and, most importantly, keep them coming back again and again. After careful consideration, they selected Fun Advisors to guide them through an extensive facility renovation.

The solution: Turn a well-known bowling center into a 21st century family entertainment center that offered entertainment areas for every member of the family and stood out from the local competition.

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Metropolis Resort

Eau Claire, Wisc.

In a small town market already packed with hotels, there was no room for an upstart hotel to be successful. The only strategy was to build a hotel that catered to a market niche and customer potential that hadn’t yet been tapped.

The challenge: Determine what kind of hotel to build that would successfully appeal to the untapped customer potential.

The solution: After extensive market research, create a boutique upscale hotel in the only unoccupied lodging class in the market. Create an urban experience to cater to the corporate guest from Midwestern regional hubs.

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Saginaw, Mich.

A long established bowling alley in the local community, Stardust’s business was suffering after a ban on public smoking and the loss of a formerly consistent customer base. Numerous other bowling centers in the area were dying off.

The challenge: Bring a struggling bowling alley up to speed by turning it into a modern bowling entertainment center that combined bowling, an arcade and full menu.

The solution: Reach out to new customers through a variety of new methods, revamp the facility’s website and online presence, and create and implement a new promotions system. The menu was also expanded.

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