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Providing expertise for over a decade, Fun Advisors offers programs and strategies that build revenue for all areas of the Entertainment Center industry.  We bring clarity and tested tools to your operation with a network of problem solvers and content developers.

Market Research, Brand Development, Sales and Marketing Systems, Digital Solutions, Collateral and Marketing Management are key ways we serve you.


Peter Starkel Profile 2015 185hPeter Starkel (231) 933-6301

Overseeing Brand Development and a Partner at Brand Champion since 1997. He has branded literally thousands of companies in 72 communities around the United States and Canada. Peter’s clients enjoy an average annual growth of 31%, usually with lower marketing costs. (Full Bio)





Lynda Starkel

Lynda has worked in retail management and consulting the retail industry for Pier One, WH Smith, The Sharper Image, and others. Her practical sense helps her create realistic retail strategies with clients. Lynda performs market analysis/analytics and compiles complex marketing evaluations. She has served as Managing Partner and Controller for Fun Advisors since it’s inception. Lynda is a graduate of Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Kelley School of Business. 


Dane Deroshia


Dane Derosha 

Graphic Designer, Publisher, and a man of adventure.  Dane had been developing brands and websites for Fun Advisors for 4 years before he joined us full time.  He is an accomplished photographer and understands how to communicate ideas to your customers.




Tracey Chisholm Tracey Chisholm

Tracey has spent time in both the corporate world at the industry trade association Automotive Industry Action Group and as an artist/photographer and graphic designer. She holds a BFA in Graphic Design and BA in Advertising from Michigan State University. Tracey is primarily responsible for Creative Management as Brand Champion’s Creative Director. She has worked with hundreds of clients in 22 industries developing advertising campaigns.




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