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Peter Starkel

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Peter Starkel is a Branding Specialist and the President of Fun Advisors; a nationally recognized strategist for the various entertainment center industries.  He is an expert in revitalizing centers and using market research to attract a more lucrative customer to your center.  He consults in all areas of revenue development, largely for owner operated businesses.

Mr. Starkel has been a managing member of Fun Advisors’ parent company, Brand Champion, since 1997. Brand Champion has worked with thousands of companies to develop successful branding strategies and programs in 72 communities around the United States and Canada.

He is a member and past president of the organization FEC NRG, has spoken at regional and national advertising conferences.

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Speaking Highlights:

o         IAAPA: Fun Expo

o         BPAA: Bowl Expo

o         AAMA: Amusement Expo

o         Multi-Unit Bowling Industry Group: Luxury Client and Entertainment Centers

o         Center Modernization Summit: 2010 – 2014

 Client Highlights:

o         Metropolis Resort, Eau Clare Wisconsin – Revenue strategy and brand development for a 110 room hotel water park and FEC in Wisconsin.  Voted “Wisconsin’s Green Business of the Year” 2007, voted “Center of the Year” 2008 by FEC-NRG.

o         Fast Tire, Antioch Illinois – Conceptualized and brand strategy for a multi-million dollar tire retailer with a “Proudly Brewing” Starbucks® café in the lobby.  Grew sales by 320% in a two year period.  Won “Retailer of the year” 2009 by Cooper Tires®.

o         Lucky Jacks, Traverse City Michigan – Managed operational redevelopment, conceptual and brand strategy.  Tripled previous best one day sales within three weeks of re-launch. Named “Center of Excellence” 2010 by Brunswick®.

 Prior to working at Brand Champion, he spent 10 years in the broadcast industry managing and consulting radio stations. He developed a reputation as a turn around specialist with sales departments.

He has dual degrees in Journalism and Broadcast Management from Grand Valley State University and postgraduate studies at the Central Rockies Leadership Council. Peter has been trained directly by marketing giants Jack Trout, Harry Beckwith and Roy Williams.

Peter, his wife Lynda and two teenaged children live in Traverse City, Michigan, where in his free time he restores vintage VW’s and spends time skiing and sitting on the beach.

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